Monday, January 9, 2012

I'm not sure where I got the quote.  It was one of those sentences I wrote down while reading a book but I didn't write down the book title, author, or page number.  Kay will testify I do the same with phone numbers.  I have phone numbers written on pieces of paper or sticky notes, no names just phone numbers!  She asks, "Why do you do that?"  My response is, "If you want to know who it is just call the number."  Anyway, here is the quote:  "The greatest danger in the church today is casual Christianity, people who profess faith in God yet live a life in which that faith makes little or no difference at all.  The classic illustration is told by Tony Campolo:  He was walking late one night in  Boston when a robber confronted him for his wallet.  Tony explained that he was just a poor Baptist preacher and didn't have any money.  The thief responded, "Isn' that something, I'm a Baptist too."  It's like a politician who says, "I will not allow my faith to interfere with my politics."  Calvin Miller has written:  "Unless we integrate the Christ of Sunday and the everyday Jesus we shall never arrive at wholeness."  Just to make the point, let me ask one more time,  "Are people surprised by the difference Jesus makes in your life or are they surprised that he makes no difference at all?"

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